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Homeless Homeless, defined by Webster’s Dictionary as having no home or permanent place of residence so therefore typically living on the streets, is a very prevalent situation. According to National Housing Authority 4.2 million people in the United States are homeless each year. 2.3 million of those people are children under the age of eighteen. My parents’ drug addiction, unsafe living conditions, and arrest led to my homeless situation. Many extreme, unhealthy, lonely, occurrences can happen once in a homeless position. At age sixteen my parents were arrested by the police for drugs. The drugs provided unsafe living conditions therefore; leaving me homeless. Such a calamity to me, I bounced from couch to couch at friends for as long as I could while being adamant about not “over-staying my welcome” or letting them feel sorry for me. My car then became my primary source of shelter for a long couple months. Tangible, beat up, cracked windshield, no heat, no air, and broken locks, does not paint the safest picture for a shelter, but made great for holding a pillow and a blanket in the back seat. While having a place to sleep is flagrantly important, having a place to shower can be perceived as a pressing need as well. I became a regular at the different truck stops around town in order to get a hot shower in before school. In hopes that no one from school would see me or know what I was doing, I switched out my back pack from school books, to shower toiletries. Taking the back pack full of toiletries into the truck stop rest room is eccentric so doing so always made eyes wander and questions arise as to what a teenager was doing showering at a truck stop. I did not let the questions or stares bother me though, took my showe... ... middle of paper ... ...ncy and working at Blue Cross was benevolent to my living conditions. While watching my parents get arrested, becoming homeless and forced into unsafe living conditions can be very traumatic, I never let the situation hold me down. I faced many rigors. Two years after turning eighteen I signed papers and closed on my very first house. While my husband and I purchased this together, these are the very reasons why my house became one of my most valuable, prized, accomplishments. Art is beauty; beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I hold my home as my art. I am not ashamed to say that being homeless has humbled me in ways that are unexplainable and taught me lessons I could have never imagined. I have overcome the fear of not having a place to go. Thus why for the rest of my life I vow to myself, and aspire to always provide my daughter a place to call home.

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