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Why is fast food considered harmful? McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut, and Wendys are just feeding every hungry individual that gives them business, what’s so harmful about that? If given the proper service mostly all customers will leave satisfied and with a full belly. Behind all the satisfaction of fast food can be a negative impact on the human body, obesity being the main focus. Fast food is satisfying but the health issue is not so satisfying. “Fast food is far worse than most people are remotely aware” ( can cause anyone to lose focus on their health. While individuals are constantly enjoying fast food they are putting their body at risk of obesity, diabetes, and even heart disease.
“Over a third of the adult population is overweight or obese” (Carolyn Robbins, Is Eating Fast Food Bad for Your Health). Many fast food meals contain a day worth of recommend calories in one meal. Since fast food has close to over two thousands calories, it’s no surprise that all fingers are pointed to fast food businesses. Individuals eat fast food at least twice a day even when knowing the facts about fast food. Knowing that harmful foods are high in salts and fats mostly everyone will continue to eat the products. Since the blame of obesity as fallen on the fast food industries the restaurants have made alternation to preparing the food to reduce calories. These alternations might seem healthier, but the fact is it is not. These foods contain trans fats from the factors that has prepared them for the fast food restaurants. Fatty acids are already injected into many of the products so alternating the menu to look healthy really doesn’t solve America obesity problem. Obesity is the main focus in America, but it is not t...

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...high cholesterol, killing their own heart with this famous fast food. America is aware of all health issues, but is playing hard headed to the facts. Fast food is found to be so good and yet affordable no one stops to think about consequences to their own body or their young children bodies. Fast food is so harmful to the body no matter what alternation to foods the industries try to change the trans fats for producing the food will remain in the premade ingredients. Fast food has basically become waste to a human body. Every meal eaten the person is taken in toxic to harm the body. If America know the cause of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, than why are we keeping every fast food industry in business? Until America can stop putting waste in their mouths, fast food will continue to make over millions of dollars and America will continue to kill their bodies.
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