Arguement for the Abolition of the Death Penalty

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The Supreme Court effectively decided to suspend the death penalty in June 1972 through 1976. After 4 years of suspending the death penalty across the country, the court reinstalled the penalty to the states. The death penalty includes 34 states that proceeded to statute the new death penalty. The states such as Florida, Georgia, and Texas were essential in reinstating the death penalty. The Eighth Amendment and many states wished to reinstate the penalty.These reforms were at once allowed by the court that death penalty itself was constitutional under the change. Since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976, about 1,366 convicted murders have been executed in the United States. The execution was held in 34 different states where in Texas, 510 were executed and in Indiana 20 were also executed. From those statistic of execution, there are different methods that were used to torment those who are convicted and were charged of the penalty. More than a thousand convicted murderers are executed by lethal injection. About 3 were executed by hanging and 3 were executed by a firing squad. Including, 11 people were executed by gas chamber and 158 were executed by electric chair. Death penalty should be abolished because it is a form of legalized cruel and unusual punishment for inmates who committed heinous crimes. In the United States, the number of states with the death penalty is 32. The rest of the states decided to abolish the penalty. About 18 of the states currently suspended the penalty by declaring that death penalty should be illegal across the country. A group called Amnesty International campaigned a resolution regarding human rights to exterminate the capital punishment. The group is a non-governmental organization prote... ... middle of paper ... ... costs taxpayers more where it depends how long the process could take until they would finalize if the convicted murderer will be executed. The maximum security prisons where those sentenced to life without a prospect of parole generally serve their sentences, is $90,000 per year per inmate. Through California’s present death-row population of 670, that accounts for $63.3 million annually. The death penalty gives closure to the victim's families who have suffered so much. It contributes to the problem of overpopulation in the prison system. Prisoner parole or escapes can give criminals another chance to kill. It is barbaric and violates the "cruel and unusual" clause in the Bill of Rights. Life in prison is a worse punishment and a more effective deterrent. We as a society have to move away from the "eye for an eye" revenge mentality if civilization is to advance.

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