Argo: Government Relationships

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Media texts are created from past events that have occurred and often times Hollywood would try and manipulate the event so it represents the past and the reception it gets through different communities. The film Argo (2012) is no exception trying to show a “Hollywoodize” event of the Iranian Hostage Crisis which received mixed receptions and is controversial on how the event is portrayed. The film is often criticized for the authenticity and accuracy of how the event is portrayed; the film directed by Ben Affleck chose to add “drama” and manipulate the actual event in order to obtain a wider audience. With the film involving a variety of government during the hostage crisis, the film focuses only specific on U.S. government and Canadian government. The film focuses on showcasing how powerful C.I.A. and American government is. While the Canadian government portrayed played a minor role in the film and other governments was not even mention. The film was criticized by United States, Canada, and British and New Zealand’s critics for the role each country had in the film as it shows the film is deceptive in telling the truth and accuracy of the event. United States had its role glorified that it seemed to have done most of the work; while Canada had its role minimized, and that the film was made out to have a small role that Canada had with United States, but some countries like New Zealand was not even mentioned. Therefore, with the mixed reception the film received it makes the understanding of Iranian Hostage Crisis on how that event better understands the role of government in cinema is shown between countries: U.S., British and New Zealand, and Canada.

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