Are cell phones safe?

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Cell phones have flourished in our economy making it hard to imagine a life without them. The problem is humans forget the dangers of the cell phones, and using them. They look at how it benefits their lives instead of the danger. Cell phones distract people causing problems in their daily life. People have suffered from cell phones, from the way they handle the cell phones. It is only noticed when the problem becomes too big to handle. Peer-pressure, anxiety, sleep deprivation, and obsession are effects caused by cell phones. These effects are seen clearly in the lives of teens and adults. Cell phones also cause health effects on humans, which is why they are dangerous to humans. Cell phones are a distraction and hazardous to humans, that have caused many problems in people's lives. Talking on the phone while driving is a distraction that endangers people's lives. A driver only receives 50% of the information when talking to a passenger (Ewan, 2012). The driver reads the hand gestures and the facial expressions of the passenger. This gives them an idea of what the passengers are trying to saying. There is not much mental effort needed, because the driver can guess. Talking on the phone requires more mental effort, because the driver can not see the person they are talking to. The mental effort used to talk on the phone and driving increases the risk of a mistake happening. Using a hands-free phone is only 7% less of a distraction than a handheld cellphone (Mead, 2013). The talking on the phone is the distraction, not the handling and dialing of the phone itself. Researchers have found people who splitting their attention between the road and the person they are talking to causes mental stress leading to accidents. Hands-free ce... ... middle of paper ... ... the human health by lowering the risk of brain tumors. Cell phones may help people's lives by making things easier and cutting down work. Those things are just blinding people from the dangers they cause. The dangers and effects cell phones cause are far greater than the benefit of using them. Cell phones are a distraction in more ways than one. Texting, calling, tweeting and gaming are all distractions caused by cell phones. These things can cause anxiety, peer-pressure, obsession, and sleep deprivation for not just teens but adults too.Cell phones can also cause health effects that endanger lives. The International Agency for Research on Cancer have listed cell phones as a possible carcinogenic to humans. The evidence gathered has concluded that cell phones are a danger to humans both mentally and physically.
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