Are They Talking About Me?

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Assume that every moment people everywhere are talking about you. The whispers and stares that people give are meant for you. This is how people with social anxiety disorder, or social phobia, feel whenever they are vulnerable and exposed to others. It is a terrible ordeal for those who suffer from this because it interrupts and restrains them for functioning properly in their daily lives. This raises a question of how something like this comes about. What are some possible causes of this and how can one overcome this? There are many apparent studies done that used social and physiological factors as possible causes of social phobia.

To begin with, social phobia is an anxiety disorder that prohibits one to socialize with others due to fear of judgment and extreme level of self consciousness. People with this disorder have a bizarre fear of being watched and scrutinized by others. This is exacerbated when they lack social skills in social situations. This causes anxiety which for some can lead to panic attacks because they are constantly in distress that people are judging them. Some even withdraw themselves from social situations completely so they don’t have to face the anxiety. Bruce H. Hinrichs (2004) states people with anxiety worry, feel stressed, and ruminate, which means to go over things repeatedly in their minds (340). They are aware that their fear is unreasonable but they are incapable of overcoming it. Even if they try to confront their fears, the fear still persists in the back of their minds that always seem to overtake them. This deters them to do even the simplest of chores such as going to stores, talking to people, or walking outside because they fear that people are looking at them from their houses. Not on...

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