Architecture In Ancient Roman Architecture

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From reading, discuss the development of both concrete and the arch. Include the important of each in the life of Rome and the results of their use.


Ancient Rome was a civilization that thrived on cultural influences specifically with their elaboration and advancement of architectural designs. For instance, the Roman concrete was a composite of water, small stones, broken brick, limestone, and volcanic sand called the Pozzolana. With various recipes of concrete mixes, Rome developed arch designs in many of their architectural structures found in the Roman society.

The Development of Concrete

The Romans had various recipes to make waterproof structures like bathhouses and aqueducts, which were created with a nonabsorbent and waterproof concrete (, n.d.). The main ingredient of Roman concrete was the discovery of Pozzolana, made of chocolate-colored, volcanic ash found in Puteoli, Greece, was used to built prominent public buildings during ancient Rome. The Pozzalana was further advanced by mixing with rubble materials to form various
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Rome dwelled with a place for worship, entertainment, public baths, and routes for fresh water and communications. The most important public building of Rome using concrete and arch structures was the construction of aqueducts (water bridges), bringing fresh water to the citizens and supply the bath houses. As for entertainment, the Roman citizens would go to the marvelous Colosseum amphitheater, where they can view the gladiator fights, chariot races, public executions and other important events. For a political gathering, the Roman Forum, a large stone-made and a rectangular shaped structure, was used for elections, listening to oratory debates, and witnessing
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