Architecture: Daniel Libeskind and Aldo Rossi

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“I believe that the idea of the totality, the finality of the master-plan, is misguided. One should advocate a gradual transformation of public space, a metamorphic process, without relying on a hypothetical time in the future when everything will be perfect. The mistake of planners and architects is to believe that fifty years from now Alexanderplatz will be perfected.” –Daniel Libeskind
In the world of architecture, it is important that one make their mark, but in a way that will be able to stand out from the rest. Unlike many things, architecture is very hard to change. With that being said, how can one change it? What do they have to do? Through research, I believe that Daniel Libeskind and Aldo Rossi have paved a way in changing modern day architecture. Libeskind once stated, “…Anything that has been made can be unmade. Anything that has been made can be made better. There it is: the things I believe are of important architecture.” With this statement, both architects have allowed their own techniques and personalities to take part in their designs to innovate new meaningful architecture. Though what they do may be different, how they take on their projects share some similarities.
Theories become a major aspect when it comes to the ways of Libeskind and Rossi. Aldo Rossi is another influential architect, who has been recognized for his architectural drawings and theory. His theory has become quite interesting as he has criticized that there is a lack of understanding the city within the architecture field. He believes that a city should be studied as it is constructed over time. One of his earliest and well known projects was the addition to the already present cemetery of the city of Modena in northern Italy. Aldo Rossi con...

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... produced through power. It allows the city to manifest through its form. The idea of a political principle is also developed as spaces begin to make conflicts.
Though Daniel Libeskind and Aldo Rossi may have different techniques on how they design, they do favor one another as they take certain principles to describe proficient ways as to how to come up with something functional and memorable for the community. Though Libeskind likes to focus on his culture and Rossi likes to remember the aspects of a city, they both bring in the efforts to tie in tradition, memory, as well as communication. They try to change the way architecture is now so that as the future comes, buildings will be able to accommodate as things change. Though change in architecture is quite difficult and sometimes impossible to do, I believe these two men are certainly making an effort to do so.
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