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Introduction ‘’The body of one modern building consists of electronic flows. Just as the human body consists of air and water flows through them and communicates with nature. Electronic information flows change drastically our relationship with nature. ‘’ Dimitris Papaleksopoulos In our days Architecture is undergoing from a systematic change, driven from the continuously discoveries and the other needs from science, industry and commerce, that are rapidly eroding the former boundaries between the natural and artificial. Architects and architecture schools, for long years before, have attempted to capture the logic of living systems, as design inspiration, and to give to the architecture multiplying environmental yields. Technological tools, however, that the architects had available in the past, did their work quite difficult and time consuming. In our days the digital tools, that the architects they have available, are much more specialty. Architecture is literally part of the nature, in the sense that the man-made environment is now a major part of global ecosystem, and man and nature share the same resources of the building, an architectural concept, in coded form, is analogous to the genetic code script of nature. The multiple experiments with ecological systems and living organisms give the opportunity to architects to explore different methods to design and find the concept for the complex relations between the building and the enclose enviroment. ‘’The relationship between biology and building is now in need of clarification due to real and practical exigencies. The problem of environment has never been such a threat to existence. In effect it is a biological problem . . . Not only has biology become indispensable f... ... middle of paper ... ...and comprises the genetic control of cell growth, differentiation and morphogenesis. In architectural interpretation, self-organization involves local independent decision making, planning and building without central control. In building, self-organization processes are not yet used in a strategic way, but could provide more economic ways of building. Limitation is thought of on all levels. Still, time-related processes are not considered sufficiently. Behavior of Living Organisms Self-organization of Living systems displays the capacity for adaptation in the presence of change, an ability to respond to stimuli from the dynamic environment. Form and behavior have an intricate relationship. The form of an organism affects its behavior in the environment, and particular behavior will produce different results in different environments, behavior is not linear.

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