Physical Manifestation Of Architecture

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The initial phase for any design process is recognizing a problematic condition and finding a solution to that problem. Design itself is a willful act, a purposeful venture that parallels the ideals and principles of the progression of society. First, a designer must acknowledge the existing conditions of the problem in its context, and then obtain all relevant information that would later be analyzed. The fundamental, physical manifestations of architecture accommodate human activity, where designers study the arrangement and ordering of forms and spaces to promote endeavors, elicit responses, and communicate meaning. In its simplest form, architecture, one of the highest manifestations of nature, is the carrier of culture, embodies the human spirit. As it is refined and perfected by high culture over time, architecture strives to fulfill the aspirations of a higher kind of design. Ancient architecture, therefore, reflects the social, political and economic climate of the time while providing a foundation for the advancement of form and function. These elements tell us that ancient civilization aimed for the fulfillment of material wants: The act of creating architecture, consequently, is a problem-solving or design process. Architectural works themselves are material, perishable and incomplete. In every architectural work, however, there is a spiritual striving of man complements the progress of a restless civilization. Every aspect of architectural work––every habit, belief, and aspiration––has the power to reflect and symbolize. The restless desire to break from the bonds of traditional design and growth of the state and its resources, along with the increasing complexity of life, caused a demand for new building types; thi... ... middle of paper ... ...nt manner. And because of the lack of modern plumbing, men and women often bathed together, although it was discouraged. The lack of modesty reflects a cultural attitude of the time that we can attribute to the study of architecture. Architecture has had an enduring effect on Western culture. By understanding the significance of classical architecture, we are able to grasp a better understanding of western cultural identities, and, in turn, gives us a sense of what is classical about the classical world. As a society, we can then reflect on the human condition by learning about the attitudes and ideas of classical antiquity. Each monumental structure reflects the story of the time, and how it can project itself into the future. Architecture not only serves society while improving the quality of life, it is the physical expression of society’s desire to be civilized.
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