Arabian Nights Hookah Lounge

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Hookah Lounge Analysis Name: Institution: Company Background Arabian Nights Hookah Lounge is based in Amsterdam, Holland. The Hookah Lounges has their origin in India, Middle East. It has since spread to the Egypt, Turkey, Canada, Holland, USA and hence the whole world. It’s the tradition of most of the South Asian countries to use these hookahs and they usually take it to advance their culture. The hookah lounges are also known as shisha bars in Great Britain and Canada. Worldwide, most of the hookahs are owned or rather operated by people of the Asian origin with most still offering the Middle Eastern cuisine menu products. Most of the hookah lounges offer Arabic and Islamic music (Arabian Nights Hookah Lounge, 2013). In the United States, hookah lounges were first established with Paymon Raouf: the owner of Mediterranean Café and hookah lounge. He later trademarked the hookah lounge and eventually allowed other businessmen to use the name for their own operations. The hookah lounge also provides hosting services such as group and birthday party hosts, socializing and relaxing venues. They provide a tranquil and serene environment where customers can frequently meet, social and hold meetings. Their facilities and workers are outstanding. The workers are hospitable and always serve their customers with high level of etiquette. The major product line of Arabian Nights Hookah Lounge is liquor, entertainment, food, hotel, coffee and hookah smoking. The hookah lounge provides several tobacco flavors such as black mamba, purple haze, young love, mermaid, mango, Cuban mojito, power puff, crazy cat lady and fuzzy navel to their customers. In addition, the company also partners with lots of local producers, manufactu... ... middle of paper ... ...There could also be bonuses for attainment of certain goals by employees especially the marketers (Hogue, 2003). References Arabian Nights: Hookah Lounge. (n.d.). Arabian Nights: Hookah Lounge. Retrieved December 13, 2013, from Arabian Nights: Hookah Lounge. (n.d.). Arabian Nights: Hookah Lounge. Retrieved December 13, 2013, from David, F. R. (2005). Strategic management: concepts and cases (10th ed.). Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Pearson Prentice Hall. Hoque, Z., (2003). Strategic Management Accounting: Concepts, Processes and Issue. 2nd Edition. Pearson Education Australia Porter, M.E. (2008) The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy. Harvard business Review Welcome to ARABIAN NIGHTS. (n.d.). Welcome to ARABIAN NIGHTS. Retrieved December 13, 2013, from

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