Aquinas: My Career of Teaching

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As a young child growing up in Jamaica, I often hear people refer to what they do as vocation. It was always jobs that require no formal education such as plumbing or farming and these work were greatly enjoyed by these people. Carpentry for instance was a field that a person chose to do because of the love for it. Nevertheless, these people earned their living through these vocations. My father was a carpenter and yes he did support us by doing what he loved and that was building houses. Was my father fortunate to have found a skill that he liked and got paid for it? He always referred to what he did as a calling and was especially proud because his father was also a carpenter. I do think of teaching in the same manner. In my father’s day I would say that teaching was a vocation but as time changed the words vocation and profession have become compatible. Even though they have become compatible there are certain professions that one should be called to and teaching is one of them. Some people are natural teachers, some have to work hard at it and some just do it for the ...
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