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The profession of teaching was not what I thought I would chose as a profession. I have an inquisitive mind and what I had in mind was to be a scientist. During my elementary school years, I was complimented by classmates on my ability to explain difficult phenomena to them in a language that they did understand; I had the same experience when I was in high school and in college. Funnily enough, my wife is one of my classmates that thinks that I will be a great teacher. Being told that I will be a great teacher irked me, and the reason for this was because my mother was a teacher, and teachers were not the least compensated in the part of the world that I grew up.
Teachers went on strike virtually every six months due to non-payment salaries
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Passion to contribute to student learning experience in a meaningful, relevant long lasting ways. A great teacher passion for the profession should be transferable to the students in the form of the desire to learn. As a Biology adjunct instructor at Savannah Technical College in Savannah, Georgia, I have the privilege of arousing the passion of students that have no science background. Most of these students, are changing careers to the health profession, and there is always a trepidation for sciences; Anatomy and Physiology courses to be specific for non-science major. I have the daunting task of grooming. Compliments for my job come from various quarters that include: the acting dean of the natural sciences faculty and students as well as colleagues. A great teacher knows that teaching is about substance, and training students as consumers of knowledge. With that been said, a great teacher stays on top of advancement in his or her fields by attending conferences, reading scholarly journals in his or her subject field. However, knowledge is not limited to scholarly journals, it is also about bridging the gap between theory and practice by encouraging and coordinating hands on activities which is the best method of learning for some

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