Aquinas´ Moral Code of Conduct

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Natural law is this idea that from nature we can deduce certain things, how things are, and how they should be. Natural law is a theory of an existence of a law that is set by nature and that it applies to all because it is rooted within our beings. Natural law is a clear-cut approach to morality and it established the common rational rules of society. The law of nature is written within human beings hearts, engaged, and imprinted in our nature from the beginning of existence. It is the order of natural beings that are capable of rational, moral actions, knowledge and truth. Natural law is the voice of rationality and reason and by using our logic and reason we are obeying the eternal law or God and his creation of doing good and avoiding evil. Natural law doesn’t judge on the outcome of an action rather than the action itself and the reasoning behind it as whether it was good. It is a law dependent on human reason that Aristotle, Plato, and Cicero had their discovered and had their philosophies on the subject, yet Aquinas borrowed some of their ideas and developed this more into the theory of a moral code of conduct. Natural law was a law written in nature for humans to know how to act morally. Aquinas said that humans have a natural inclination to do good and avoid evil. The laws of nature would lead to eudaimonia as Aquinas believed that humans naturally lean towards the good. Those goods being preservation of life, procreation, knowledge, society, and reasonable conduct. Aquinas says that no being is ever wholly without an awareness of good, he believed that all humans had the unique ability to reason and with that they cannot do any wrongdoing as their nature would not allow them to do so, as no human would knowingly commi... ... middle of paper ... ...n we are all doing good and acting towards God. Natural law is inscribed within humans themselves as it offers a way for making decisions about how to go about living one’s own life. Human beings have an essential rational nature given to us by the eternal law or God in order for us to live and flourish. It is only through proper human reasoning that the natural law can be grasped and understood because human participation in the eternal law is through reason and will. We must listen to our voice of right reason or conscience and implement both a knowledge of good and inclination towards goodness, as it will serve as a natural guide to eudaimonia. Natural law is the fundamental principle that is weaved into the fabric of our nature, it is the natural order of the human world and we must live a good life in accordance to reason as God instilled reason within people.

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