How Did Reconstruction Impact The World War

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History Research Paper- Final Copy
There are a lot of things that have impacted our history. the five I felt that stood out the most to me were Period of reconstruction, Land and Sharecropping, world war I, Ford car production, and World War II.
The period of reconstruction started in 1865 and lasted until 1877. The period of reconstruction was a way the north thought they were punishing the south; they wanted to rebuild and make the south better. Reconstruction took place after the civil war. The radical republican’s goals were black male enfranchisement and strong reconstruction policy for the south. (Williams, 8/25) During this time it was very challenging. When the reconstruction began, President Lincoln was in office. He came up with
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(Williams, 10/8) This war had such a great impact in our history because millions of men died and a lot of land was destroyed. This war had upgraded the way wars were fought. They had things like machine guns, better hand guns, tanks, chemical weapons, etc. They also fought in trenches instead of long lines on the ground. The trenches were like little cities underground: it had hospitals, telephones, water points, latrines and much more. This was the first war that planes were used in combat. The United States tried to stay neutral until the Germans sank the Lusitania and killed Americans. After this sinking “Wilson demanded that German submarines not sink ships until they had been boarded and searched.”(World War I, 12/8) The Zimmerman telegram also had something to do with America finally joining World War I. British were able to decrypt the telegram to understand what it said. After World War I, there was a treaty called the treaty of Versailles that helped the war to be over but the bad part was this was just a stepping stone to World War II. (Williams, 10/8) I do not think that it would have been possible to completely take out World War I out of history; it would have eventually occurred. It was highly possible that it could have been held off longer than when it occurred. The issues that brought us into World War I were still there and were not just going to magically disappear. If it was held off, the war could have possibly been fought a lot quicker than what it was. Things might have been thought out a lot more than what they were. During world war I they were inventing new things pretty much as the soldier were out fighting battles, so if all these weapons and things were invented before the men went to war than the weapons would have been perfected. If things would have happened differently, like if the Germans would not have sank the Lusitania or the Zimmerman
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