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Many of Ernest Hemingway's books have had different meaning and all could be interpreted in different way, but there has never been so much written about his other stories. Well the Old Man and the Sea had more written about it than any of his other novels and there have never been so many different types of interpretations about his other novels. The Old Man and the Sea is a book in which can be interpreted in many different ways. Here you will read what many critics have composed about the story of a great writer, Ernest Hemingway. Many of the critics have the same outlook on the works of Hemingway.
Hemingway's work The Old man and the Sea can be looked at in many different perspectives. All the critics believed that his styling of writing was very defined. In 1944 Ernest
Hemingway went to Havana, Cuba and it was there he wrote a letter to Maxwell Perkins which states he has a idea on a new novel called The Old Man and the Sea ( Nelson and Jones 139). Hemingway first got his idea for The Old
Man and the Sea from the stories that he had heard in the small fish cities in Cuba by a man named Carlos Gutierrez.
He had known of this man for about twenty years and the stories of the fighting marlins. It was then that he imagined that man under the two circumstances and came up with the idea. After about twenty years of pondering on the story , he decided that he would start on the novel of The Old Man and the Sea. The story The Old Man and the Sea is about a old man named Santiago who has to over come the great forces of nature. Things seem to always go wrong for him because originally he started out going to fish for some dinner, then he caught the biggest marlin ever and it pulled him out in the bay of Cuba even more then he was. After he was pulled out, he hurt his hands and couldn't risk going to sleep because of the risk of sharks. When the sharks finally attacked he lost the marlin which had become a great part of him because he knew that no one would believe him when he told them the size of the marlin. This has to be one of the most memorable fights in a novel that I have ever seen, but I think that the way he put the novel together was just as good as that of the fight. When he put them together it was then
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