Anna Mindess, And Deaf Mute Tools By Nicholas Philibert

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The struggle deaf people face ASL is not something a lot of people learn to do. Many schools do not offer the students the opportunity to take ASL as a language. It is believable to understand, that schools may not understand how important it may be to offer ASL as a class. The history, and information that can be given to students about the deaf culture is important. After being introduced to Land of the deaf by Nicholas Philibert, See what I mean: differences between deaf and hearing people by Thomas K. Holcomb and Anna Mindess, and Deaf Mute Howls by Albert Ballin, it was clear that it isn’t easy for deaf people to learn how to speak to one another. Another example that will be mentioned is the experience of going to a deaf event. Each…show more content…
Each child was given a hearing aid, and was expected to repeat what the teacher was saying to them. They spoke into a microphone and it was connected to the computer, where a videogame was shown. One child was having a difficult time speaking, and the teacher only gave him a few chances and then was about to give up and tell him he cannot do it. Watching that little boy should make you sad, just think we may find it difficult to write a perfect sentence, but he has to learn how to even say a sentence, not being able to hear himself speak. Honestly deaf people must have a smarter brain then a hearing person, because from very little without hearing themselves speak they must understand how to pick up what signs even mean. Those children got immune to the aids, but hated the feeling of them on their ears. The aids sent a vibration to the children and they had to know what was being…show more content…
Holcomb and Anna Mindess is another movie that gives history of the deaf culture, and examples of instances where hearing people don’t take a chance to understand where a deaf person is coming from. An example the movie showed was how hearing people just say a quick goodbye, where as a deaf conversation takes forever to say goodbye. The difference is that hearing people have ways to contact each other, and speak over a phone, but deaf people do not have that leisure so they get everything out that they can until next time. An examples of how hearing people react to deaf people, is in the movie a deaf neighbor went over to his hearing neighbor that was outside cleaning his new car. The deaf person asked how much he had paid for the car by writing on a piece of paper he asked for, but the hearing person did not want to give out that information, and just walked away, not understanding that the deaf person did not understand why he walked away either. With both these examples, if more people where able to learn, and understand deaf culture it would be a lot easier for deaf people to speak with
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