Animal Testing for Research

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All over the planet, animals are locked in cages, away from their habitat and against their will, in testing laboratories where they just seat defenseless and in fear for the unknown. It is a common practice that animals are used for medical testing in order to find compatibility chemicals to either, cure certain diseases, or as simple as hair products and skin cosmetics. The use of these types of chemicals in animals is to prevent testing on humans and cause some type of injury due to incompatible organism with the human body. Many of these testing have provided, what is to be called “successful solutions” to diseases such as Cancer and AIDS. Unfortunately, after decades, there are not yet confirmed cures to both Cancer and AIDS, but only treatments to prolong the life of the patients or suppress their pain. These symptoms and treatments also have alternatives from products that were found by testing from different plants as opposed to the cost of many animal lives and their sufferings. Hayhurst provides details as to how “Scientists use animals for many different purposes. They are used to test the safety and effectiveness of new drugs before those drugs are given to people to treat illness and disease. Animals are used to ensure the ingredients in the foods we eat are safe for consumption. They are also used to test products like eye shadow, lipstick, contact lens solution, and shampoo, as well as chemicals ranging from lawn fertilizer to caffeine.” (Hayhurst 2000). These test lab animals often do not pass their numerous testing and, after suffering, they die. In addition, must of the animals used for testing to find cures or treatment for certain disease, are actually contaminated with the disease in order for the lab ... ... middle of paper ... ...s put in danger, it should be consider illegal. Successful solutions used in humans from animal testing prove compatibility between the human body and animals. Therefore, why do we have to treat them any different than we treat humans? The practice of animal testing is clearly violating the rights of the animals. I believe that in order to improve our quality of live, we need to care more for our society. Showing respect for the lives of our animals will allows us to develop the respect for our human kind which is so limited these days. If we practice the respect for our nature, as well as our animals, we will have a more peaceful environment and enjoy a longer life span. Works Cited Haugen, David M.. (Eds.) (2007) Animal experimentation /Detroit : Greenhaven Press. Hayhurst, Chris. (2000)Animal testing :the animal rights debate New York : Rosen Pub. Group.

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