Animal Testing Needs To Stop

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Cosmetic and drug companies should stop animal testing. By animal testing, the companies not only violate the animals' rights (which is breaking the law), but their testing methods are hazardous which endanger the animal's life. Finally, the companies should stop animal testing because each year we lose hundreds of thousands of animals and could make a difference by stopping this cruelty. Stop the animal testing, and save a life. To start with, cosmetic and drug companies should stop animal testing their products. By animal testing, they not only violate the animals' rights- they are breaking the law. Animals cannot speak for themselves so when they are unwillingly tested on, they cannot say anything in their own defense. The companies that test on animals violate the rights that were given to all living beings-including animals. As most know, this is illegal to break the law, yet still they get away with it. Who wants these companies taking charge of our rights- our freedom? Therefore, animals should not be used as lab specimens just so we humans can indulge ourselves in beauty products. Take a stand against animal testing, immediately, and stop this brutal treatment that is being done to these defenseless animals. Above all, help save their lives, and help show others how important it is that people know just how big of a difference they can make. In addition to breaking the law and violating animal rights, the cosmetic and drug companies endanger the helpless animals with their destructive testing methods and procedures. Scientists have tested up to twenty animals at a single time. In that experiment, each individual animal died. Their testing methods are not only horrible, but they are deadly. Whethe... ... middle of paper ... ... To review, animal testing does nothing helpful to anyone except to cover up themselves with fashionable beauty products in which hundreds of thousands of innocent animals die every year. The companies that test violate the animal?s rights and at the same time, break the law. Animal testing for medicines, and make up is unreasonable and cruel to the animal. Finally, the companies testing methods are hazardous and deadly, and endanger the animal?s life- if they do not die first. Animal testing should be stopped and ban from ever being done again. Animal testing is not a requirement and therefore it does not have to be done. There are alternatives to animal testing and yet we fail to see them. By stopping animal testing, you can save hundreds of thousands of animals a year. These animals do not deserve to be treaty so viciously. Stop animals testing and save a life.
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