Animal Biologist: A Career As A Career

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Animal Biologist This job appeals to me because I really enjoy working with animals and I would like to travel around the word to study all kinds of different animals. I think it would be fun to travel to places like Africa and the Amazon to study the different animals in those two places. I would like this job because I could be In a office writing, conducting census projects, research studies, and conducting more experiments. But I could also go in to field work. Travel around the world to study these animals and there eco systems. The way some animals eat, the way they communicate, the way they feed. I could learn all these things while being in the field as an animal biologist. Even after being in the office and the field, I could still work in a zoo and have one on one with some animals. Animal biologist study the genetic origin of animals and the life process of animals. Animal biologists can be educators or field wo...

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