Andrew Jackson: Not A Top Influencer

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Andrew Jackson: Not a Top Influencer Many historians love Andrew Jackson, putting him on a high pedestal. He did grow up in poverty, making an immense switch and becoming a well known and powerful lawyer and young politician. Now I can’t argue that he played a major role during his time; he was a leading figure on many issues such as when war decided to come between Britain and the United States. However, many historians don’t step back and truly look at what he did or what his motives were. He was a highly popular president, but a “very dangerous man”, according to Thomas Jefferson; because of this he should not be known as one of the top influential people in America. During the War of 1812, Andrew Jackson fought as a major general and made…show more content…
Because of previous quarrels with many high ranking officials, Jackson didn’t have many allies in congress. Therefore, he filled his cabinet with “friends”, or others who held the same opinion as him. His cabinet is often called a “kitchen cabinet” because of those appointed held the same political views as him to fill the positions (“Andrew Jackson:...”). Many political leaders do things along these lines, but no one has gotten this title before; Andrew held an abundant amount of control over his cabinet for this reason. This portrays him more as a dictator more than a president. In fact, he was “referred to as “King Andrew the First”” (“Why would...King Andrew”), which is what numerous of others would say. As a country we want our “top influential Americans” to be known for strong leadership, not controlling others out of fear of losing a…show more content…
His actions killed, forced, and irritated by the crowds in Washington and elsewhere. Although he was a popular president among the people, Jackson’s settlements set for problems in the future. His take away of the Second Bank led to further economic crisis that was in place after the War of 1812. Everyone has enemies, but Andrew acted upon these grudges and it caused a lot of damage towards the people (they couldn’t see what was to come). In conclusion Andrew Jackson is one who acts upon personal motives, rushed actions, and plan out hatred, all of which shouldn’t be what a top American influencer should entail; he shouldn’t even be considered because of these
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