Andersonville Prison

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Andersonville Prison I was excited to learn of this assignment because I recently made a trip to Andersonville with my Army unit in March. During the bus ride, we watched the film “Andersonville” to gain a deeper sense of what the historical site was about before we arrived. To be quite honest, the historical site itself is actually quite boring and not much is left of the original grounds. Watching the film prior to arriving gave the visit much more meaning to me and I was able to actually visualize the events that took place and really feel a connection and understanding. After visiting the prison site, we moved over to the memorial cemetery, where approximately 13,000 imprisoned soldiers are buried, along with the six Raiders who were executed. The cemetery also accepts veterans and their family members for burial in adjacent plots to the Andersonville soldiers. There is also a Prisoner of War museum which I found to be the most interesting part of the whole visit. The movie begins depicting the Civil War battle of Cold Harbor, Virginia on June 1 1864. A platoon size element of Union soldiers gets pinned and eventually some of the soldiers trying to escape are captured.
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