Ancient Rome: The Rise Of The Roman Empire

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According to roman mythology, Rome was founded thanks to two brothers, Romulus and Remus. Both found a city near the Tiber river and chose a hill to begin their own settlement. However, taunting and teasing from Remus brought upon his death at the hands of his very own brother, Romulus. Romulus then of course named is city after himself, Rome. An ancient civilization full of wars, peace, greed, a disciplined navy, an efficient bureaucracy and rebellion, Ancient Rome was an empire of high status. Many features of Ancient Rome are still present in some cultures today. However, it’s the question of How and why. Law, certain practices, and war were main events in roman history. There is no one or two things that can help explain the rise of Rome. …show more content…

At the height of Rome’s expansion, the Romans comprised almost all of the lands surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. This helped to expand the Roman culture to the max. They started to build baths, and theaters. Roman baths were basically large buildings with pools. There were Gyms for men to exercise, recreational and social areas, libraries, and lecture halls. The Romans also brought their laws along with them to all territories obtained. Latin, language the Romans spoke, became the basis for several modern European languages. This was a short period for …show more content…

Starting with Rome’s first emperor, Julius Caesar. Considered a military genius, Caesar had many successful military campaigns witch gained him support, popularity, and loyalty. The famous city, Pompey was not so thrilled of Julius and his growing popularity. Pompey along with the senate ordered Caesar to return to Rome without his army. However, Caesar, being the smart man that he was, brought his army with him despite the senate’s orders. This led to a civil war where Caesar defeated Pompey. After this, Caesar made himself dictator and the ruler of Rome and all of its territories. In the end when Caesar finally died, the Romans failed to realized that the republic ways of Rome had died with him. Rome was now an Empire. This was the start of Rome’s down fall. With the New emperor, Augustus, came the rebuilding of the constitution, and the demobilization of most of the army. This left the city open to more attacks. Wars left ruins and slaves. There was also the acceptance of Christianity during Constantine’s rule. The approval of Christianity meant the Roman state weakened their own religious traditions. Also what contributed to the fall of Rome was the ruling of Diocletian. Diocletian ordered the persecution of Christians because he believed the Greco-Roman gods were angry about the rise of Christianity. He also divided the empire into half. Lastly there was the continuous raids from barbarians. These invasions

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