Ancient Olympic Games: The History Of The Ancient Olympics

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Ancient Olympics The Olympic Games has changed dramatically throughout time, being the biggest games of known to the world. It dates back to the year 776 BC which was held in Olympia thus giving it the name the Olympic Games. Compared to the modern day Olympics their was not as many sports as their was in the ancient Olympics. Also the athlete who participated in the ancient Olympics had different roles than we do now. Overall the Olympic games give the chance for the best of the best to be seen and to be captured in the spotlight. The Games all started in Olympia which was located in the western Peloponnese. Designed with powerful temples and outstanding facilities where the Games were held, gave Olympia its unique beauty. Also what made Olympia so mystical was its religion which was the base for the Olympics. For the ones who win the in their competition would receive their award following their event. “An announcement of the winner's name by the herald, a Hellanodikis (Greek judge) would place a palm branch in his hands, while the spectators cheered and threw flowers to him. Red ribbons were tied on his head and hands as a mark of victory” ( ). Later after all the Games all the winners would receive other awards in the temple of Zeus. In the Olympics today first place would be acknowledged with a gold medal, second place with a silver, and third place with a bronze. In the ancient olymoics there would only be one winner of each game and in the temple of Zeus the Hellanodikis would place an olive tree wreath on his head. “Through the 12 centuries of the Olympic Games, many wonderful athletes competed in the stadium and the hippodrome of ancient Olympia's sacred area, moving the crowds with their great achievements. Alth... ... middle of paper ... was found at the time of Sumarians five-hundred years ago. Wrestling was a full body contact sport which involved a physical and mental strength. The only way to win is when someone would admit defeat. As where today there are rules and regulations where the winner can be determined through points. Wrestling was known as an art for the Greeks a way to show your strength as a man. Boxers on the other hand would put straps around their wrist to strengthen them. As the years went on the strength of the straps progressed to protect their hands and demolish the opponents of the toughest sports was pankration which included both boxing, wrestling and martial arts. While equestrian events involved horse races and chariot races in a hippodrome. Over the time of the Olympics many more events started developing such as swimming events and events used in the snow.

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