Ancient India vs. Modern India

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Ancient India vs. Modern India

India is a Country of great wealth and potential. It is also a country of intense poverty and ignorance. There are many different languages, religions, races, and customs. There are also many differences in the country itself. The land includes desert, thick jungles, broad plains, mountains, and tropical low lands. All these differences within one country create different needs, and different standards of living. It is however; very evident none of these differences can be addressed until the population is controlled. It is and will become even more of a problem for all the people of India, the poorest of the poor and the richest of the rich. The main objective for writing this essay is to compare the similarities and differences between Ancient India and Modern India

Ancient India was a country of considerable educational development, with universities that attracted many foreign students. Asians, especially the Chinese, were attracted to Indian universities, because they offered instruction in the teachings of Buddha. India also would increase their educational influence by sending its university graduates to the orient to teach. However, from the 13th century and on the original contribution of the Indians weakened, and application of newer educational methods was reduced. Since gaining it's independence from Great Britain, India has tried to develop a modern and complete school system. However, the problem of educating the vast population with its many social and religious differences has remained difficult. When it comes to literacy, 52 percent of the people age 15 and over can read and write. There is no doubt that males are better educated that females when their literacy rates are...

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...erything is subject to change, although some things may last longer than others. The other basic principle of Buddhism is according to which nothing occurs due to pure chance. Besides natural forces, it is the karma, which leads to the occurrence of all events.

There are fifteen national languages recognized by the Indian constitution and these are spoken in over 1600 dialects. Add to this a population of over 900 million today, and that will give you an idea of how many different ways of communication takes place.

Overall, you can see that India has changed a lot from the ancient times till now. It has developed many new things but one thing will never change and that is India’s diversity. India has many languages and so many different religions, but you can still see the unity in the Indian people. The nation is developed modernly but its culture remains old.
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