Ancient Egyptian Medicine

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Medical practices in Ancient Egypt had a great impact on the medical practices that are used today, in fact, they were predestinates of those that we have today. This paper will give an extensive background into the details of medicine and medical practices of physicians and healers in Ancient Egypt, as well as compare some of those same practices with modern practices that we use in medicine during this time period. The practices discussed in this paper include how the Ancient Egyptians chose doctors, how the Egyptians diagnosed their patients, minor surgery practices that are still used in modern medicine today, remedies and medicinal herbs that can be found in modern kitchens and pharmacies across the United States, and medical documentation that is still referenced by modern medical physicians, researchers, and companies today as a mean of relaying the best possible healthcare to patients of this era. I will also explore the topic of embalmment and its significance to the Egyptian people, as well as compare this practice to the version of embalmment that is used in modern day America to preserve bodies for funerals. Throughout the context of this research paper I will explore the reasons why it is significant to continue to fund research that focuses on Ancient Egyptian medicine and what can be learned from the research that has already been gathered about this topic.
Let’s suppose that someone came down with some sort of unbearable illness. He has been coughing and sneezing the whole weekend and his temperature is an astounding one hundred and three! It is a truly horrible experience and he cannot even breathe through his nose. Worst of all, he has this pain in the upper left area of abdomen that will not seem to...

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