Ancient Egypt Essay

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i) Literature
The literature of the Ancient Egyptians can be found on monuments, in the walls of temples and inside tombs. They mostly involve the records that were kept of the deed of Gods and men; some of them would also consist of poetry of love, hymns, proverb, spells and curses, text in the medical field and instructional texts, myths and legends of heroes and in later years, demotic scripts were added into their literature.
There were also well known stories that were passed down to us from the Ancient Egyptians, these stories were about The Story of Sinuhe and another tale is the Story of Wenamun that describes the time when Egypt was in its gradual collapse.

Egyptian Architecture
During the time of the Ancient Egyptians, they build a lot of structures that left the world speechless. The most famous structures that they built were the Pyramids of Giza and the Temple of Thebes. Since the Ancient times, the Egyptians were very skillful when it comes to architecture. They would use simple, but effective tools to help them in building large stone structure with such accuracy and precision.
The houses of both the regular and wealthy Egyptians were made from mud brick, sticks and wood. However, the houses of the wealthy Egyptians were usually decorated with rich and colorful painted walls and floors with multiple rooms.

Religion in Ancient Egypt
In Ancient Egyptians, the Egyptians worshipped many Gods and Goddess, particularly the Sun God, Ra; Goddess of magic and nature, Issis; God of war, Horus and finally God the dead, Osiris. Over the course of time, the Egyptians progressively changed their devotion from the old Gods and Goddesses to new Gods and Goddesses and by doing so reflected the rise and fall of political af...

... middle of paper ... at 75 feet in length that can be use for trade overseas. They were also well known in preserving the bodies of the deceased by embalmment or mummification. The medicines and medications that they used in their time were of high significance.
They used pictures, hieroglyphs, to communicate in words with each other. When the Romans conquered Egypt, they started using a new form of writing called Demotic, which was a mixture of formal hieroglyphics and Greek text found written on the Rosetta Stone. They worshipped a lot of Gods and Goddess, but only a handfuls of them did they pray tribute to. The location as to where Egypt is located near the Nile River gave the settlers many advantages, such as surplus crops that they use as building materials or trade goods. Finally, the Egyptian civilization was considered to have lasted longer than any other civilizations.
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