How Ancient Literature Influenced Today’s Literature

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In today’s society, we use many things without knowing where it comes from. Everything from mathematics to music derives from somewhere. In this situation, I am talking about literature. Within present time, we use literature daily. Whether it is writing a poem, or creating a screenplay. Do you know who formed and shaped literature? Ancient Egypt and Rome helped in shaping today’s literature by leaving behind a legacy in their legends.
Ancient Egyptian literature is believed to be the earliest written works known. Egyptians were the first to develop literary devices and religious texts. Also, they were the first to create their version of paper and ink. Hieroglyphs, a writing system used by ancient Egyptians, inspired the original alphabet, including the Romans (Budge 1).
Ancient Rome imitated ancient Greeks’ literature, so for that, many people deem that ancient Greeks are the main literary influencers. That is not the case. Even though the Romans copied the Greeks, they improved and made it their own. Impeccable writers lived during the ancient Rome time, such as Plautus and Horace (Jenkyns).
Genres, like comedy and tragedy were produced in ancient Rome period. Plays were also produced. Many writers that we learn about now, like William Shakespeare and Robert Graves have been influenced by the Romans. It is important that we are aware and educated of how and who originated materials that are a part of our everyday life. The legacy of the ancient Egyptians and Romans will be forever known.

The literature of Ancient Egypt is the result of a four thousand year period. Hieroglyphic, demotic and hieratic are the three types of writing it was written in. The characters first consisted of pictures of objects, and ...

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...reatly affected today’s literature. Many things in today’s world can be traced to ancient Egypt and Rome origins. They left long lasting affects on modern society. We would not have the same literature that we have if it was not from the Egyptians and Romans.

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