Analysis of the Relationship Between Height and Weight of Students

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Analysis of the Relationship Between Height and Weight of Students

In this ‘Handling Data Project’ I will be using secondary data to

investigate the relationship between height and weight of students at

Mayfield High School. I will also investigate the age and genders of

the students, because I expect that it will have an affect on my


My hypotheses for this project are:

· I expect to find that boys are taller than girls

· That boys will weigh more than the girls

· That taller you are the heavier you are

· That older you are the taller/heavier you are

I will be collecting the following information which is provided for

each pupil:

· Gender (boy/girl)

· Age

· Weight

· Height

· Year group

I will find this information from Edexcel examination database on

Mayfield High School.

The reason for choosing this source of information is because it

provides me with all the relevant data in number of categories for

each pupil, which gives me a range of choices I can choose from and

use in this project.

I know the data provided to me is reliable, because the data is

gathered from a real life based school (Mayfield High School) and been

given to me.

I will use a sample size of 7% of the total population (1183) of the

school. 7% of the total population is equal to 83 pupils in total from

year groups 7-11 with mixed genders. This sample size is suitable

because it will give a closer idea of how the actual results will be

for the whole school.

There are more students in year 7 than in year 11 which shows that

students are not distributed equally in each year. This will make my

sample biased and unfair. To make sure my sample is fair I will use

Stratified sampling. I have 1183 students in total, and 7% of 1183

gives me a sample of 83 students.
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