Analysis of "The Necklace"

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"The Necklace" is a short story written in 1884 by Guy De Maupassant. The main characters in the story are Mathilde Loisel, her husband Mr. Loisel, and Mrs. Forrestier. They go through an agonizing time with much suffering over a problem that they later learn never should have existed in the first place. Mathilde Loisel is described as being beautiful and charming, yet simple. She and her husband lead a very plain life, and she always dreams of having the luxurious life: a beautiful house, elegant dresses, expensive jewels, gourmet food, and more. Her husband has accepted their status, and works hard to please Mathilde. Mrs. Forrestier, a rich friend of Mathilde's, lends her a diamond necklace for a formal dinner party. When Mathilde loses the necklace on her night out the events turn sour and the couple begins to face a lifetime of suffering. When Mr. Loisel brings Mathilde an invitation to a dinner party, instead of being excited about the elegant evening, Mathilde is upset because she has no elegant dresses. Mr. Loisel pleases Mathilde by giving her money for a new dress. She is happy at first until she realizes she has no jewels to wear. Mr. Loisel suggests that she borrow some from Mrs. Forrestier. Mathilde borrows a diamond necklace, and goes to the party where she was able to live out the luxurious life. She looked exquisite, graceful, and joyful. When she returns home and finds that she lost Mrs. Forrestier's necklace, her joyous night comes to a halt. They look everywhere for it, but neither can find it. In agony, Mathilde and her husband go to the jewelers looking for a replacement. They find one, priced at 3600 francs, and pay eighteen thousand francs and borrow the other 1880 from friends. Mathilde returns the necklace to her friend, and returns home to a life of suffering in order to repay their debts. She and her husband work hard for ten years to make payments. After all payments are done, Mathilde runs into Mrs. Forrestier, who doesn't recognize her at first. Mathilde tells her of the agony she has been through because of the necklace she bought as a replacement. Mrs. Forrestier, surprised, tells her that the original diamond necklace was only a costume necklace, worth only 500 francs!
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