Analysis of She Walks in Beauty by Lord Byron

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Analysis of She Walks in Beauty by Lord Byron

She Walks in Beauty is a poem in which the author speaks of the physical beauty

of a woman; a female who the author encountered. This encounter lead him to visualize a

great distinct physical image of her so he began to speak of this phenomenal

attractiveness. A special quality in her was being able to be identified with the heaven.

Beautiful like the stars and clearly visible as a cloudless night.

The poem ?She Walks in Beauty? came by as an inspiration to the author. This

occurred at an event attended by the author where he meet his cousin which is the woman

the author speaks about in the poem.

The author lord Byron wrote this poem which is found in the Hebrew Melodies.

This publication is found with many other lyrics completed in 1815.

The poem speaks through the usage of imagery. The poem is highly rhythmic with

meaningful tones. Essentially the female in this poem is evaluated in terms of the physical world. For example, the author does not provide a detailed appearance of the woman. She is instead shown responding to the world around her.

George Gordon was born in London in 1788. Gordon was the son of Captain

John ?Mad Jack? Byron and his second wife, Catherine Gordon, a Scots heiress. The next

ten years were difficult for George. One of the reasons was because of his clubfoot. The

second reason was because of his mother displaced resentment against his father onto him,

and George Gordon had later been tended by a Calvinist nurse whom awakened his


In 1798 his great-uncle the fifth Baron Byron, died childless, and just after his

tenth birthday Byron inherited his title. In 1801 Byron was sent to school at Harrow; in

the same year he ...

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...imself. The rhyme

scheme shows a different pattern on each stanza; and its meter shows a consistent beat on

each line. The tone perceived in Byron?s poem is of romanticism inspired by the woman?s

beauty; and its theme is of the immediate impression of a man towards a beautiful lady.

There are also many poetic devices like alliteration , simile and internal rhyme shown

throughout the poem. Thus making of this poem a delight to the mind, and an enjoyable

literary masterpiece.


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