Lord Byron Influences

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Lord Byron
There are a wide range of poets and authors who are able to move readers with their writings and life stories. For many centuries, poets have been able to express countless emotions and convey unbelievable stories in the readers’ head. People throughout the world in the early 1700’s until now, are moved by his variety of writing techniques and depth in romance. George Gordon Byron also known as Lord Byron became known as a poetic leader of his era. Incorporating his secret love affairs with not only his cousin, but also another man, and changed the world of poetry from that point on. Lord Byron changed poetry with his unforgettable past, and influence on early European poetry, art, and music.
Lord Byron grew up overcoming many different challenges and obstacles throughout his early adult years, influencing his writing in many ways. In London on January 22, 1788, Lord Byron was born to the parents of Catherine Gordon of Gight and Captain John Byron, also known as “Mad Jack.” Lord’s father was a legendary poet who was absent the day of his son’s birth, fleeing to France where he died in 1791. Lord Byron grew up never knowing his father, he only knew him from the poems his father wrote. Catherine Gordon was born an heiress to the Scott’s. She was an overbearing single mother to her son.
They say Lord Byron was born with a club foot due to his mother’s corset being laced too tight during pregnancy, this was one of many reasons Lord openly resented his mother. Byron lacked self-control and discipline throughout his life because of his poor relationship with his mother and absence of his father. This loss of control had a major effect on many choices taken throughout his life. As he aged into a teenager he found it unnecessa...

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...ued except he began to court a different woman named Annabella. This new relationship was forced upon so Byron could distance himself away from his relationship with his half-sister (Biography). Byron overcame many obstacles as he grew older which lead to some of his most famous literary works. Lord Byron’s series of relationships had a great impact on influencing many of the poems he wrote throughout his lifetime.
During mid-17th throughout the early 18th centuries the literary movement of Romanticism swept the world. This is a way in which they people praised for emotion, imagination and intuition to create a better story for the reader. Writers used this style so people could have a direct and complex picture of the story the author is telling. Before this movement writers used a very broad picture, leaving the reader to create their own image.

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  • Analyzes how lord byron changed the world of poetry with his unforgettable past and influence on early european poetry, art, and music.
  • Explains that lord byron grew up overcoming many different challenges and obstacles throughout his early adult years, influencing his writing in many ways.
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