Analysis of Shall I Compare Thee to a Summers Day, First Love and Let Me Not

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Analysis of Shall I Compare Thee to a Summers Day, First Love and Let Me Not

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day is written by William

Shakespeare and it is about him describing a person. It is most likely

to be a lover because he is using language which is more generally

associated with love. In the first two lines he say's that "Shall I

compare thee to a summers day?" He also says you are lovelier and more

temperate. He is saying that you are even nicer than a summer's day

and a nice person who is evenly tempered. He then uses references to

the "darling buds of maie," these tell us that they are beautiful and

a sign that summer is on its way.

He then changes the mood of the sonnet by complaining about how Summer

doesn't last any longer, it is too short. "And Sommers lease hath all

too short a date." in lines five to eight he is personifying the sun,

in line five he is saying that it is sometimes too hot, he uses a

metaphor to say this about the sun, he describes the sun as the "eye

of heaven", " Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines." He then says

that too often it is cloudy and beauty fades by nature or by chance.

"And often is his gold complexion dim'd, and every faire from faire

some-time declines, by chance or natures changing course untrim'd."

Now he goes back to talking about her and how she is always superior

over summer, unlike summer her eternal summer shall not fade, she will

always be beautiful and her beauty is eternal. He backs up this idea

by talking about death, he personifies this by saying "nor shall death

brag thou wandr'st in his shade", this is saying that she can defeat

death and death cannot o anything...

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... beautiful out of

all three of them. The first love in your life is the best thing that

will ever happen in your life, it is exciting, exhilarating and very

enjoyable. John Clare makes the poem seem so romantic and makes you

feel as if you were in that situation.

The other poems although good, they lack what First Love does. Shall I

compare thee to a summer's day is still a very poetic and beautiful

poem, it is just describing the lover, not experiencing true love.

Let me not is about being faithful and how true love can last forever

and conquer time and any obstacles that stand in it's way. This poem

has many references about death in it and it is not a nice poem

towards the end.

First Love is about feeling passion and being blinded by love. This is

a desirable state to be in, it is invigorating and special.
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