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Where do we go from here is a book written by Martin Luther King Jr. The books main concern is to explain and to create awareness of injustice. The book analyzes the state of American racial discrimination and the formation of movements after a decade in the United States civil rights struggles. He advocates equality regardless of race. There was an increasing use of slogan "Black power" that was devoted to ensuring the black people’s needs and were put into consideration. This was a call for the black Americans to come together and build their political and economic strength and achieve their legitimate goals. In his book, Martin argues that there would not be African American progress unless the whole American society take a new…show more content…
His message was not only to African Americans but also to other nations around the world that experienced such levels of racism. His main idea of equality therefore applies to all people in the world to understand that all people are equal and no one is superior despite their complexion and economic class. Dr. King also focuses on weapons of mass destruction and how they are affecting humankind.

Normally, racism occurs when one group feels that they are more important than another ethnic group. In such case, the black peoples are referred as illiterate and possesses primitive societal and cultural beliefs. Martin Luther organized promotion tours that focused on reinforcing the idea discussed in his book which was published in 1967. The African Americans in those days were overworked and paid poorly compared to the amount of work they did. That is why there was and increase in poverty for the people in the slums who were mainly African American. For the same reason, there was an increased insecurity since people struggled by all means to find their way to survive. Dr. King 's writing helps to understand the equal position for all human beings. It is also a weapon used in those days to raise high
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In Vietnam the number of dead African Americans was doubling every moment in contrast to the whites. Martin Luther argued that the war is Vietnam, waged by U.S was unfair. The war in Vietnam was an instance indicating the absence of peace among nations and as a result, there was a deprivation of social, economic and political life. President John F. Kennedy once said “mankind must out an end to war or war will put end to mankind. This significance that leave goes hand in hand with development, we therefore have the role to promote peace which should be seen in our actions as well as in our efforts to create this awareness. Thru this we would be able to fight for fairness and equality administered by the government. Even though recent events have vividly reminded us that nations are not reducing but rather increasing their arsenals of weapons of mass destruction. His writing is significant in modern communities since it educates us about our rights and creates and awareness of our worth. Dr. King’s essays helps us evaluate the state of our communities and country at large. According to him, every individual has a big role to play in promotion of peace all over the world. He argues that riots, as experienced in America led by the African Americans, never improve the situations but rather creates other problems that didn 't exist, for example; death and loss of poverty.

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