Analysis Of We Are Not Responsible By Harryette Mullen

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Harryette Mullen is one of the poets who enjoys the glory that comes with good writing. Her initial works are considered to be masterpieces especially because they emerged during the era of black arts movement. As she progressed, her pieces started having a deeper meaning, making the masses draw to her. One of her famous and most influential works is found in Sleeping With The Dictionary. This is a book that comprises short poems that have been carefully thought out and are full of surprises. Some of the poems take on humor while some leave the reader in deep thought. Of importance are the poems that have been written from a political angle. These are Bilingual Instructions, Elliptical and We Are Not Responsible. The three poems showcase how …show more content…

However, she also makes it clear that she is in control. By breaking away from the norm, she is able to keep the reader interested in her work. The use of short sentences is almost hypnotic. What catches the readers’ interest by far is her consistency in the theme of politics especially in these three poems. She uses playful language to make it interesting for anyone to go through. However, she also makes her message assertive. Give her background, life was not always easy. Art becomes her way of expressing her emotion and making people aware of the things that go on. These are things that people allow. Things that can be changed if people worked together. The poet is careful not to lean on any side of politics. Her major role in the poems is passing information. Undoubtedly, she does her part …show more content…

Just like the way the three poems have been written differently but covey the same message, so is life ad its complexities. There are times when matters politics will abide by the book rules. However, most of the time, what we do not know is far much worse than what is revealed. It is necessary for people to always e-alert. To try and decode every message they receive. Politics often hide behind the myth of democracy. People are aware of this but choose to let their hearts cry in silence. The poem, we are not responsible, is an eye-opening message that shows the mediocrity people choose to believe. Mullen tries to show the public that that should not be the case. The humor in the poem is what makes the reader realize his or her

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