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Rosalie Gascoigne- An intepretation of her work quality:
Rosie Gascoigne, is an artist who has aspired an appreciation for undiserable remnants and utilised with them in purpose to produce an assemblage of work that sees into a reflection of the past and present landscape of Australian society. Her growing motivation has taken further interest and development as the founding layers of her work through her deliberate perception, subject to the preservation of the environment and surrounding landscape. Gascoigne’s work offers an insight into deep country outback life of an Australian individual and introduces conceptualities that mirror a focus situated about ‘re-using’, ‘ recycling’ and understanding the insightful meaning present within everyday remnants. Her work is a collective gathering of selected materials to form a composition or an …show more content…

By means of this her work shows enamour for unusual remnants that the society saw as useless understood by their actions of discarding these and offers a new strongly held perspective that allows us to see into the perspective of the world from a different angle, that at time was not seen as a tradition.
These assemblages of work mirrror a reflection of glimpses of landscape beauty, a particular solace found in the nature surrounding us during her time in the outback, elegance, simplicity and the lifestyle of the physical world around us. Gascoigne has an essential curiousity displayed in her work exploring the physical word that is captured in an essence of this rural home which brings evocate depictions, subject to the arrangement of these simple remnants that offer so much more. The assemblages focus us on viewing the universe from a unique turnpoint, compromising of corrugated iron, feathers, worn linoleum, weathered fence palings, wooden bottle crates, shells and dried plant matter. The art works offer a poetic expression that traces remnants around the world that individually hold meaning to their placement in the

In this essay, the author

  • Describes rosalie gascoigne's work as a collective gathering of selected materials to form an organised, discplined assemblage of remnants from isolated and discarded regions.
  • Analyzes how gasciogne's assemblages reflect glimpses of landscape beauty, elegance, simplicity, and the lifestyle of the physical world around us.
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