Analysis Of The Three Dimensions Of Communication

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Communication is the process of sending and receiving information among people as well as facilitating the spread of knowledge and forming relationships. Communication can vary depending on the social setting and situation and can be simplified by the Hallidayan model of the three dimensions of discourse (Derewianka & Jones, 2013). The dimensions include the field; which refers to the subject matter, tenor; the roles and relations being enacted in a situation and mode; the channel of communication (Dabic, 2010). The amalgamation of these three dimensions ultimately create register in a particular situation. This academic essay will draw on the analysis of these three dimensions in relation to a text, as well as describe the register of the text being analyzed. All forms of…show more content…
It focuses on the function and purposes of participants in communication exchange, including the audience (Dabic, 2010). The relationship between the author and the reader is represented as temporary and impersonal and there is no evidence of a hierarchical relationship, however, the author can be considered the primary tenor as they are providing the information. The use of informative language throughout the article such as locations, names and ages of people involved, suggests that the newspaper article is merely informative and the author and the reader have no prior or personal relationship, simultaneously implying that the reader has no prior knowledge of the situation. The opening sentence from the article “Jabbar Al Mhanawi was sitting on the porch of his home southwest Sydney home” (Harris & Pike, 2016) is an explicit example of the informative language used throughout the article to support this claim. The intended audience for this article would be adolescents and adults as the descriptive language used regarding Mr Mhanawi’s may not be appropriate for readers any

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