Analysis Of The Talent Tenth ' And Booker T Washington 's Speech ' Industrial Education For The Negro '

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During a time of racism African-Americans found it very difficult to find their place in the world among whites. There was unfair employment, segregation of schools, and even mass killings of African-Americans. Both W.E.B Dubois and Booker T Washington were two of the most important African-American figures of the 19th Century, and they both made great contributions to raising the status of African-American equality of the time. Even though they had the same goal of increasing racial equality of Africans Americans, their methods differed greatly of how to reach this goal. In this essay I will take a look at W.E.B Dubois speech “The Talent Tenth” and Booker T Washington’s speech “Industrial Education for the Negro”. Born a slave, Booker T Washington was a very educated man who urged all African-Americans to pursue an education for themselves. Since he was born a slave Booker T Washington was not able to pay for an education, he had to work hard to save his money so he could go to school. Washington wanted African-Americans to follow his lead and start learning how to work in the industrial work world. He believed that the injustice of slavery made African-Americans the perfect people for industrial work. Washington states that all the owners needs were met by African-Americans; for example tailoring, shoemaking, and even carpeting. In his speech Industrial Education for the Negro Washington states “In a certain way every slave plantation in the South was an industrial school”. It was because of this time in his life that he stressed African-Americans should gain industrial experience from trade schools,such as the one he founded the Tuskegee University, so they could get jobs in the industry or in agriculture. After a while they ... ... middle of paper ... ...ho don’t have the means to attend a university to get a liberal degree. But it is also a draw back, because it does prolong the idea of slavery in the times. If the black man doesn’t have an education and still does the work of a slave it doesn’t do anything for his or her status in the world. Du Bois argues that African-Americans should get a liberal arts degree so they can help lead African-Americans gain social equality. The down side to Du Bois’s plan is that not everyone in this time can afford going to university. If I had to pick one theory to go by I would choose W.E.B Du Bois, because it would give the less fortunate African-American families something to look up to. This positive image would influence other African-Americans to want to do the same thing and get an education. Also it would show white people who African-Americans are just as smart as they are.

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