Analysis Of The Secret In Their Eyes

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Ahmad AlKhaled Released in 2009, “The Secret in Their Eyes” is a thriller that follows the investigation of a murder by court investigator Benjamín Espósito, as well as his relationship with his superior, Irene Mendéz-Hastings. The investigation is made difficult by Espósito’s antagonist, Romano, and by the lack of evidence. Following the murderer’s imprisonment, Romano releases him and gets him work in a government agency. The drama of the film rises when Espósito’s partner, Sandoval, is murdered by Romano’s men. Espósito leaves the city for province to escape Romano’s wrath. He returns 25 years later, now retired and writing a book, ready to tell the story of the case. In the process, he will discover the truth about the killer’s fate, and will renew his relationship with Hastings. The film’s complexity and the director’s cinematic choices transformed this film into a great success, marked by the winning of an Oscar for the best foreign language film in 2009. In the film, Espósito’s efforts of brining the murderer, Isidoro Gomez, to justice are made useless by Romano, a representative of the repressive government, who wants to use him as a weapon against the rebels. Espósito cannot forget the past however and , 25 years later, while writing the story of the case, he finds the husband of the victim, Ricardo Morales, now entering the old age, without any direction in life, and without any emotional support. He seems hopeless and lonely, and the memories of his dead wife still hunt him. However, gathering pieces of information, and acting on instinct, Espósito returns to Morales’s ranch and finds Gomez imprisoned in a cage, where he had been for the past 25 years. This ending is satisfactory for the audience who sees the crime ... ... middle of paper ... ...home and abroad. Most people who like thrillers find this story interesting because of the clever plot, but also because of the humanity of the characters. My brother, whom I convinced to watch the film with me, confessed that he was impressed by the acting, particularly that of the lead actor. Moreover, he found the lead actors charming and perfectly suited for the roles. He was intrigued by the murder plot and enjoyed the ending, which brought to a conclusion both the murder story, and the love story. However, he was also in doubt that authorities would allow a convicted prisoner to escape and would give him a job. This made him look for more information afterwards, which may have been a secondary aim of the film. Overall, the film is a pleasant experience which in addition, makes one think, thus allowing him to immerse, for two hours, in the Argentine culture.
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