Analysis Of The Raven

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The Raven” annotation
“The Raven” is a narrative poem written by Edgar Allan Poe and published in 1845, Poe uses mournful words and sorrowful tone, along with metaphoric language to describe a lonely and grieving man who lost his love met a raven at midnight, and the word “Nevermore” repeated eleven times in the poem, is the only word the raven said, it is the raven’s name and the answer to the narrator’s question, leads a fantastical dialogue to a philosophical idea: once something is gone, it will never come back. The poem’s theme is dark. The title is “the Raven”. Raven is a bird represents death. Story take place in the midnight of December, midnight is end of a day, December is the last month of a year, implies it is the end.
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When he open the door, no one is outside, only darkness, which bring him in to the deeper fear “darkness here….. long I stood there wondering fearing” (24~25) The narrator starts wondering, and doubting if it is his lost love Lenore come back and visit him. “And the only word there spoken was the word ‘Lenore’!” (27)
When he go back to his room, his thought about Lenore grow stronger, “and my soul within me burning”(31) Then he heard something from window, when he open the window, the raven came in and sit on the statue of Pallas. Pallas is another name of Athena, which made the narrator think the raven speak with the wisdom of God,“The bird can be viewed as a harbinger of the thoughts of the narrator’s subconscious.” (Hallqvist 2) The bird ignored narrator’s sorrow and grief. The Raven is very arrogance, as a dark ugly bird represents death, it stepped on the goddess of wisdom, “The bird is described as having “fiery eyes”, which are reminiscent of demons.”(Kenneth) The narrator mentioned raven is come from Night’s Plutonian Shore. The Night Plutonium is the shore of the underworld. Which come from narrator’s
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He thought it is pretty amazing to see a bird standing on a chamber door. “Ever yet was blessed with seeing bird above his chamber door”(52) The bird did not say anything after the word. The narrator starts to think about all his friend is gone, and so is this bird, just like his hope is gone. “Till I scarcely more then muttered’ other friends have flown before, on the morrow he will leave me , as my hope…” The narrator welcomed this is bird and sees it as his hope. But the bird will eventually leave the narrator just like everyone else. Here describe the ultimate loneliness the narrator felt. When the bird repeated “ Nevermore ” the narrator know that this is the only word the bird will say. “Doubtless, said I, what it utters is its only stock and store”(63) “Stock and store” means the bird is trying to learn human language like a parrot. “Poe also considered a parrot as the bird instead of the raven; however, because of the melancholy tone, and the symbolism of ravens as birds of ill-omen, he found the raven more suitable for the mood in the poem”(Quinn) “Caught from some unhappy master”, the narrator stated that the bird have an unhappy master, that’s how he learn the word. “Nevermore” is the only words the bird had “stock and store”. “Straight I wheeled a cushioned
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