Analysis Of The Play ' Proof '

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Reader Response Criticism is focused more on the audience and their personal connection with the play, poem, story or movie. It focuses more on what the author is trying to say to his/her audience to feel connect to what they are reading. Within the play “Proof” there is a lot of 101 family connections that I relate to and I’m sure anyone who reads this would relate to it as well. Varying from the eyes of a parent to a lover and a teen/student. One illustration that I felt connected is that the play is easy to understand coming from the point of a teen to another adult-teen. Catherine is a very intelligent human, has a crush on a guy and doesn’t want to admit she is going a bit crazy. Being stressed out about taking care of her dad while trying to have a normal life outside. The entire situation about her older sister Claire wanting for her to move to New York. “Stay with us for a while… Chicago is dead. New York is so much fun, you can’t believe it. The “fun” thing is really not where my focus is at the moment” (Auburn 1199). I had to go through this movement of change, from the idea being brought up to the actual move in day. I was raised in Lawrence and Pulaski Chicago, IL until I was in fifth grade, from them on it all changed. My brother had gotten in some really bad gangs and when he tried to quit the gangbangers lit up two of my parent’s vehicles, aimed for my brothers’ head in a drive by and had fought my dad. We even had security cameras in our porch to prove these occurrences but the police did nothing… Therefore, my mom made the executive decision of moving out of Chicago and into the suburbs. It’s not all fun a games, moving is about what there is to do, who to be with, where to go for information not just the fun i... ... middle of paper ... ...e the beans. Every time there wasn’t something to eat I would always make my rice. However, one day I heard my dad talking about how he eats out every so often because he was sick of the rice and beans meal on a daily. This broke my heart a bit because my mom cannot cook as much as she did due to surgery and arthritis. My brother was never home and my little sister was only eleven at the time so I wanted to take responsibility and help out around the house. I admit, after coming to Niagara the food at Clet gets pretty annoying and it’s always nice to try new things but there’s only so much one can do. I enjoyed reading this play and felt like I could write my own story of all my relatable family experiences. Having these connections that Mr. David Auburn gave makes me feel like every teen should read it and just see how relatable these encounters are in one’s life.
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