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A life of glitz and glamor may not be for everyone but Mathilde may say otherwise. In Guy Maupassant’s short story the Necklace, Mathilde is a lovely looking woman who believes that she was always meant to live a life of luxury who was granted one night to live her dream but in the end of it she became the opposite of what she always dreamed off. Although it may sound as if it was a tragic downfall, it was anything but so as the story was written off of Mathilde’s selfish attitude. The Necklace is a story that portrays the protagonist, Mathilde as a ungrateful and vain women which causes her to fall to poverty and to self impose her own misery.
From the beginning it is shown how Mathilde live a comfortable life as the wife of a clerk and
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Continuing from her complaints of not having a jeweled accessory, her husband offered an alternative of stylish flowers only to reply with “No; there’s nothing more humiliating than to look poor among other women who are rich” Mathilde is constantly lusting after a luxurious lifestyle, believing that she was born for the upper class, and refusing to appear any less of it. When Mathilde went to borrow her friend’s jewelry she looked through many different accessories, asking Mine. Forestier is she had more. Out of all the strands she picked the “superb necklace of diamonds” one, arguably one of the most expensive gems, taking it with ” her heart beating in immoderate desire.” After the ball was over, before Mathilde and her husband went home, he threw over her shoulders a modest wrap of common life to keep her warm. Mathilde was not pleased as she “wanted to escape so as not to be remarked by the other women, who were enveloping themselves in costly furs.”, again ungrateful to her husband’s kindness. She was paranoid about being seen with such rags, she did not listen to her husband’s suggestion to wait indoors while he hails a cab so she wouldn’t catch a cold. Between the transition of the ball to their home, the necklace was lost, Instead of telling the truth to Jeanne Forestier, they bought a replacement causing the two to live 10 long years of debt and

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