Reflection About Deaf People

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As a student originally from Fremont, I believed that I had a good understanding of Deaf people and their community. Unfortunately, my earlier living situation would never be enough for me to truly understand their lifestyles and differences from hearing people. Deaf like Me not only shows me that sign language should never be seen as a disadvantage, but also proves that any Deaf child can make it in this supposed “hearing” world. Spradley thoroughly guides readers through the entire process of doing what’s best for Lynn in communication, and I feel that more people should not focus on talking and hearing as the only form of communication available or acceptable in our society. There were many questions I had of my Deaf friends and started thinking on their terms and perspectives, imagining if this is a similar situation they grew up with. Not only does this text start my critical thinking on Deaf people, but the book also has extensive knowledge on how Deaf culture takes action in our modern world. It gives a clear line between what are myths and facts about teaching children sign language versus lip-reading and alternative methods, while taking the reader through the entire experience of teaching Lynn how to communicate.…show more content…
Before taking American Sign Language, I was awfully intimidated by other Deaf people in my neighborhood, since they were always in the same groups constantly speaking a foreign language. Now, I feel I have a better perception of why Deaf people react the way they do to specific situations with hearing people and the resources and help that gets them to where they need to be and to communicate as best as possible. Along with my knowledge in ASL, reading this text will guide me to strive to understand Deaf culture better, knowing at least one of the stories and steps that it takes to appreciate the usage of
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