Deaf Again By Mark Dolsbough Analysis

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Write a summary of the book. Deaf Again is a book written by Mark Drolsbough about his life growing up as a member of the deaf community. He tells stories of the struggles of trying to fit into the hearing world. Drolsbough also details how his hearing family members made him believe as a child that being deaf is bad. He continues on with the story of his life as he finally finds his identity as a Deaf guy, with a capital D. Drolsbough then goes on to fall in love, get married, and help his mother find her proverbial voice in her family. At what age did Mark start losing his hearing and what were the signs of his hearing loss? Mark started losing his hearing when he was about six or seven years old. This was manifested in confusion in music class, misunderstanding the words that the choir was singing, and discombobulation in noisy rooms. Eventually, it was noted that Mark’s hearing was deteriorating. What happened to Mark’s mother while…show more content…
Although he spent 10 years in college, he got married and had three children. He helped his mother stand up to her family and make them realize once and for all that she is deaf and cannot be made to fit in the hearing world. He wrote a 175 page paper that made him realize that he could write a book. He also finally found a job as a counselor at PSD, working there once again after a few years at Gaulladet. Write your observations about “Deaf Again”. Deaf Again is another eye opening book about what it is like to grow up deaf in a hearing-dominant world. It showcases the struggles experienced by the Deaf, and shows the reader that the Deaf cannot be made to fit into their hearing world. The Deaf, once they find their identity as Deaf with a capital D, don’t want to fit into the hearing world. Being Deaf isn’t a bad thing. Deaf again has further shown me just how difficult life can be when you are deaf. Did you like the book? would you recommend this book to others? Why or why

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