Analysis Of The Book ' The Yellow Wall '

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Nfuenucn what is madness? A sickness in the mind, a result of an incident, actions unapproved of by others, or a label stuck on by the judgement of oneself, is it real or is it all in the head? The authors of The Yellow Wall-Paper, A Good Man Is Hard to Find, The Lottery, Suffer the Little Children, and The Use of Force all portray different ways one could be claimed as crazy, or mad. Never in any of the stories does the author say right out to the reader that the character is crazy, yet their actions hint it. UcuUCBJsjcbbBCbcjbBC In the yellow wall paper, a woman is confined in a room by her husband, trapped in one’s own thoughts and company. The woman sees a figure within the yellow, old and loathsome wallpaper; which haunts her every day. Do I believe the woman is truly crazy or mad? Not at all. I do believe though that the confinement and mistreatment given by her husband has taken her to a deeper, darker, and more delusional state of mind. ‘John does not know how much I really suffer. He knows that there is no reason to suffer, and that satisfies him. Of course it is only nervousness. It does weigh on me so not to do my duty in any way.” This quote shows how scarcely john is around which results in loneliness, which then leads to deep thoughts. Also, it explains how the woman being in her room 24/7 unable to do anything regardless of the fact John continues to say she isn’t sick, led her to be depressed about not doing her wifely duties. Being alone and confined ended up playing with her mind, causing her to imagine a woman in the wall-paper trapped just like herself. I don’t find it crazy to imagine one’s self in someone or something else to try and understand more of one’s own situation when going through an unpleasant inc... ... middle of paper ... ... possibility she doesn’t know the extent of her sickness, therefore lying to her parents in fear of the doctors. Then once at the doctors, she wouldn’t let him see she was sick in fear of getting treated. So what is madness? Is there any way to really define the word? I believe being crazy or being mad is more about being mentally unstable in some way, or thinking and acting different than others which causes them to be tagged as crazy. Everyone is a little crazy at times. Some actions have hidden reasons behind them, like in a Good Man is Hard to Find when it came to the Misfit. Also, like in The Yellow Wall-Paper the confinement caused her to act that way. Reading these stories make the reader look deeper into the words crazy and mad. Rather than settling with the definition of ‘One who is or appears to be mentally deranged
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