The Yellow Wallpaper: A Literary Analysis Of The Yellow Wallpaper

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"The Yellow Wallpaper" is a short story that follows part of the life of a woman in the 1800 's in a diary-like format. The story follows a woman who has moved into a house while waiting for the previous one to be remodeled. She has just had a baby that she is not allowed to see, and her husband continues to keep her locked in a room unless she has an escort. In this era women were seen as delicate objects that were prone to intense emotion and in need of constant control by their husbands the escorts and ability to lock her away were, at that time, deemed appropriate ways to deal with his wife’s depression after birth. Strangely the wife was not forced to run the house, but the husband had his sister come and do this as well as take care…show more content…
A shift in punctuation symbolizes a shift in the author 's mind as she says "How those children tear about here! This bedstead is fairly gnawed! But I must get to work. (1077)” Reveals a frantic person in a hurry to finish something, and yet unable to focus on what is going on in reality. This could possibly be where she begins to lose her connection with reality. Using imagery the author describes the feelings of an inanimate object, the wallpaper, from the narrators twisted mind as she says "All those strangled heads and bulbous eyes and waddling fungus growths just shriek with derision!(1077)” The personification further proves a loss with reality or possibly a connection with the wallpaper the author is overjoyed to be rid of. Finally, the word "creeping" is repeated numerous times throughout the story and gives the impression of a demonic person, something dirty, dark, and creepy. She possibly uses this because she feels she is dark and creepy as she walks around the room. This word may connect to a separate interpretation of the wallpaper, a connotative interpretation, which is that it symbolizes the paper she writes on. Due to the women of that time period not being allowed the ability to be creative in many families, the narrator may have been creeping around her husband at night to write which is why she sleeps during the day (1074). The creeping would then have a denotative meaning because she is literally creeping around the husband so that she may write and he does not get angry. She could have used a word like “sneak/snuck” but the word creeping may describe how upset she is that she cannot be as she is society deems she is supposed to be so she feels off, like the odd feeling that the word “creeping” can give the reader. The authors paints a vivid picture of a woman falling from grace under the pressure from all around her
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