Persuasive Essay On College Drinking

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During the last decades, college drinking, the toll binge drinking which is taking on college campuses. Highly publicized reports have raised public awareness about the high rates of heavy drinking among college students. Also, Wechsler, Nelson and Lee JE, experts of researching the phenomenon of college drinking, have concluded that binge drinking is the most serious public health problem facing US colleges. The State had a controversial discussion about steps that can be taken to take action against the binge drinking that has become part of the so-called College culture. Not only in the US, Many countries around the world have the same problem in college campuses. Like many European countries, college drinking has been developed into kind of traditional culture in the US and she has been facing the change of the culture of drinking at colleges. However, other than the damage and injuries that happen during semester break each year, the only consequences of college drinking that usually come to the public's attention are occasional student deaths from alcohol overuse, such as alcohol poisoning or other alcohol-related tragedies. (Ramaley) In fact, the consequences of college drinking are much more than occasional and normal. According to the studies, 1,825 college students who aged from 18 to24 died from alcohol-related inadvertent injuries, including car crashes, while 599,000 students are unintentionally hurt over the influence of alcohol (Hingson et al., 2009). College drinking also results in serious injuries, assaults, sexual abuse and other health and academic problems. The impacts of excessive college drinking are more widespread and destructive than most people realize. Therefore, this essay will first consider the pr... ... middle of paper ... ...ementation of screening and counselling programs and comprehensive community interventions can reduce college drinking and associated harm to students and others. In conclusion, college students suffer from significant consequences of their heavy/binge drinking. Actions should be taken in order to control the current situation of binge drinking among college students, as stated in the above, the drinking age law can help. Moreover, it has been a highly concerning problem in the US and studies show that 77% of the Americans agree that policies should be established to protect the college students from alcohol, which is an overwhelming support for MLDA. Also, many studies show that the consequences can be alleviated with the reinforcement of the law. For the above reasons, drinking law and other related policies should be enacted in the whole US as soon as possible.
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