Analysis Of Survival In Auschwitz By Primo Levi

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The Holocaust was one of the most atrocious genocides we have seen in human history, an atrocity where the Jewish people were persecuted through intense torture, murder, and unspeakable injustices. Through the holocaust, many writers were able to express their experience as survivors so that people would never forget this tragic event. Personally, there are three stories that helped me transport myself into the moment and understand the pain, suffering, and fears of the survivor. The three different authors mentioned in this paper will demonstrate vivid imagery, metaphors, and allusions that express their own personal experiences.
Survival in Auschwitz by Primo Levi was written through his own point of view since he was a prisoner in Auschwitz
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What is interesting is that he is very realistic with the reader in this story because not once he didn’t once hold back to decide which story or what experience he was going to share with the reader he specifically made his stories graphic so that the reader was able to feel the pain that he felt in Auschwitz and we can see that in the following quote “ The thought of the return journey struck in my heart.” In this quote, we specifically see how he knew that he might not be able to return home as he is making his way on to this new journey in his life where he is expected to do rigorous work and change his lifestyle. Levi depicts very vivid images of what it was like to live in Auschwitz through his use of allusions, metaphors the reader is able to get a glimpse of what his life was…show more content…
The way that Auerbach writes this story is very interesting because she draws a comparison of the Holocaust to a natural disaster she starts off describing the tragedy that occurs in nature, a flood in the mountains that carries away the wooden huts along with the men, women and children she the quotes specifically “At a distance, one could see mouths gasping, but one could not hear the roar of the waters drowned out everything.” In here we see the comparison of the children, men, and women who were gasping for help but no one stood by their side, she describes the endless pain and loss of hope that the Jewish people faced during that time. Auerbach tone depicts a lot of pain because she describes an endless powerless and sadness because she knows that the family members of the people who perished won 't be able to say Yizkor for their love ones. Therefore, she takes it upon herself to take these mitzvot and say Yizkor for these people, but this is easier said than done because we see that she is overwhelmed by this task and wants to simply give up and stop writing she herself knows that it is not a possibility because she does not want to forget anyone as well as she knows that the people who perish are