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“Shiloh” by Bobbie Ann Mason “Shiloh is a Civil War Battleground where more than twenty-three thousand troops from the North and South fought in April 1862 and most of them died” (Mason, 364). “Shiloh” by Bobbie Ann Mason was used as a reference place for the couples Leroy and Norma Jean to re-ignite their marriage, but their problems were deeper than visiting a historic site. Out of touch with each other because of misfortunes, they find ways to tolerate each other to keep their marriage going. In “Shiloh” Mason depicts how lack of communication in a marriage and not grieving for mishappenings could lead to distress, regret and unhappiness in most marriages, as it shows in Norma Jean’s and Leroy‘s marriage. Leroy was recently injured while …show more content…

After the body building training finished Norma Jean decided to go back to school and enrolled in an adult-educated English composition class at Paducah Community College. She’ll spend most of her evening outlining paragraphs. Leroy becomes a little jealous because Norma Jean was always smarter than him. Her doing the English class writing composition was helping her to feel like herself again. After a while she stopped playing the electric organ, but instead started to write music. “All musical references disappeared when Norma Jean successfully completed her transformation from traditional wife to enlightened woman, and what the Norma Jean had desired has come to the present” (Blythe and Sweet). After a while, one day when Norma Jean wasn’t home Mabel finally convinces Leroy to take Norma Jean to Shiloh. Leroy brought it up to Norma Jean and she finally agrees after Leroy kept bothering her. They left for Shiloh that following Sunday. On their arrival at Shiloh they agreed it was a beautiful place like what Mabel said it would be and they both laugh. It didn’t look like a battlefield, but more as a park, but they could still see the bullet holes in the log cabins. They had picnic close to the cemetery where they could still view the graves of the dead soldiers. While sitting down Norma Jean balls her fist up and finally says to Leroy that she wanted to leave him. Leroy was shocked, but nothing he said would change Norma Jean mind. “By the middle of the story, Norma Jean growth and improvement had made her more independent and physically stronger for this moment” (Blythe and Sweet). He asked her for a fresh start, but Norma Jean denies staying because she feels like she’s eighteen again when she and Leroy got married and she hates it. It’s like she had been preparing herself

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  • Analyzes how "shiloh" by bobbie ann mason was used by leroy and norma jean to re-ignite their marriage, but their problems were deeper than visiting a historic site. lack of communication could lead to distress, regret and unhappiness in most marriages.
  • Analyzes how leroy and norma jean's relationship is moving backwards and their changing roles.
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