Analysis Of One Hour In The Crowd Of Market Square

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One Hour in the Crowd of Market Square A public place is a social gathering which reflects specific characteristics of the locality and promotes interaction and communication among the people. It provides a sort of warm ambience and historical commonality and may serve diverse purposes including commercial objectives or environmental concerns. The Pittsburgh Market Square in Pennsylvania is one such favorite public destination. I decided to observe the people for half an hour and feel the pulse of the people. Psychological and Physical Mood of People People are generally required to follow specific guidelines and etiquette in a particular public gathering. In Market Square people were in their clean and fresh clothes. They put on deodorants…show more content…
I understood that every social setup maintains a distinct culture and socialization rules and deals strictly with an intruder who happens to treat it with frivolity. Chambliss and Eglitis (2013) defined culture, more specifically nonmaterial culture, as the embodiment of beliefs, values and ideas which reflect a sense of common attachment and which is often interconnected with material culture. They noted that symbolic emotion regarding national flag materializes the nonmaterial culture of national pride. These may include an entire range of social practices and social attitudes. Any violation of strict norms is frowned upon as an act of insolence or deviance. Socialization is vital to understand our place in society through interaction with other people. Goffman views socialization as a dynamic process of achieving interaction. We are performers in the social stage and all our performances are not perfect. Goffman idealized that “the meanings of our interactions depend on the skills we have to shape and reshape, frame and reframe our experiences with others” (Nash & Calonico, 1996, p. 113). Strangely, people have different public identities depending on the character of locale and socialization abilities sharpen our senses of space and time through continuous interaction with

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